Ken Stachnik is a director, screenwriter, cinematographer and photographer living and working in Los Angeles, CA.


Ken has worked on more than 100 sets—everything from low- budget independent films to major studio projects for Universal, 
Bravo, The History Channel,, and Men’s Health. His full-length feature film Clown Town (cinematographer)
was produced by Steel House Productions and was released in 2016 for which he received Best Lighting at the FearNYC film festival.
His second film, The Toy Box, is currently in production.

His short film Return to Grace (director, screenwriter) won the People’s Choice Award at the 2011 Elgin Short Film Festival.
Ken is available for hire as a one-man shop that can manage a video project from start to finish, including writing, shooting, and editing. His 
work has been commissioned by major corporate clients including Hewlett-Packard, Porter Consulting, and O International.

Ken grew up in San Jose, CA, and worked as a filmmaker in Chicago, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New York City before moving to Los Angeles.
In his free time, Ken watches movies, writes humor screenplays, and builds intricate custom Nerf guns.
His greatest wish is for Steven Spielberg to release film commentaries.