what people are saying about Ken...

"Ken Stachnik is by far one of my favorite photographers to shoot with. He makes you feel comfortable, happy, and beautiful at the same time all while staying professional. The final results are incredible images that capture far beyond the physical!" 
--Victoria Badillo, model

"Ken Stachnik is a photographer who really understands and is passionate about his craft. He knows just how to get the light and create the composition to get a wonderful image. Ken knows how to make the people he photographs relax and feel very comfortable in front of the camera. In doing so is able to draw out a variety of true emotions from his subjects. I would love to work with Ken again."
--Brittany Clapper of Lily's Talent Agency, model/actor

“Ken's photographs constantly amaze me. He can take what seems like an ordinary image and turn it into something wonderfully extraordinary!! His sense of light, composition and color blow away other photographers. He's dedicated to always bringing out the best in his subjects. I Highly recommend Ken for your photographic needs.”
--Judy Fidkowski, owner and principal photographer, Judy Fidkowski Photography

“Ken has a very sharp eye, which serves him well in video productions. Were he closer to me, he would be, without question, the first person I'd contact to help with still photography - the images he creates are stunning. Simply stunning.”
--Joe Filipas, President, Sugo Media

"Ken is a delight to work with, knowing exactly what he wants and how to get his actors to make it happen. I enjoy working with him because he gives me the cause-and-effect of the action as he sees it to tell the story, but he doesn't make me walk in a straight line. It's more like, 'Here's A and B. Let's figure out how to get from one to the other.'" 
--Andrew Statonactor & stuntman

"Ken is not just a funny, down-to-Earth guy with a camera. He is extremely talented, and the best I've worked with yet!"
--Kelly Ann Ferro, model

“Ken is amazing to have as any part of your crew. He is talented and smart. He always has a good attitude and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done right. On set he rolls with the punches. When things don't go according to plan, he remains calm and helps provide solutions. I had Ken as crew on three of my shoots and I would definitely work with him again.” 
--Jamye Graham, Board of Directors, Split Pillow

“Ken is a very talented and creative writer/director. He understands the filmmaking process and adds his unique spin on it. I had the pleasure of working with Ken on various film projects and I would certainly love to work with him again. He creates a fun environment on the set.”
--Ayman Samman, actor, Escape Films, American Sniper

"It's always a pleasure working with Ken. He's very professional yet fun to work with. If I was to grade his work, it would be an A+."
--Jessica Sanchez, makeup artist

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ken on two film projects. The first, Ken was assistant director, camera man who had the unique ability to direct without ego making for a productive and fun day on the set. The second production was written and directed by Ken. It was one of those scripts where you are begging for a part. Again, Ken makes everyone feel like an Oscar winner on the set. I have already read his next project and I don't care if I'm cast as waiter #2, working with Ken is work you look forward to."
--Valerie Bittner, model/actor, The Martini Shot podcast

"Ken's the best right hand man a girl can ever have!"
--Cynthia Chea, Makeup Artist